Martin Hansen

Who Am I?

My name is Martin Hansen, I am a UX Designer driven to make the ultimate user experiences. I work process-oriented with conceptualization of digital projects. My main focus is to work user-centered and to map out the different Customer Journeys and the painpoints that needs to be addressed. In this, using data to make the right decisions as well as drawing wireframes, building prototypes for testing and using as communication tools directed at stakeholders. Doing so to make early discoveries and decision through an iterativ design process. My goal is always to design solutions that fits company objectives and excites the users.



My Work

I have done a lot of different projects through my work and education which has been ranging broad in the use and experimenting of technologies, design methodes and design tools. This has conceptualized in things like Ecommerce sites, Web Apps, App Design, Interactive Installations and Media facades. Besides this I have worked as freelance UX and Webdesigner making websites for different costumers doing the job of both designing, making content and developing the sites. I have also entered in different design competitions winning Awards for the projects Triangle and Water Lilies.


Digital Design at Aarhus University

My Education

I have a master degree in Digital Design which has given me the knowledge, language, inspiration and tools to stand in the crossfield of the development of digital solutions. I have worked with programming, which gives a fundamental understanding of how digital material is constructed and what is possible. This has been mixed with aesthetic and critical courses that gives inspiration to think concepts in a different way and understand what is at stake when developing digital solutions. Further more the design approach has always been user-centered, and I have adopted Service Design as my way of defining the designspace. Therefore my main goal is to design Customer experiences that solves problems in the Customer Journey based on the understanding of all the different touchpoints and their relations. The approach here is to understand the users and involve them in the design process as an active asset to figure out the core problems in a given designspace.