The Concept

Copycat was a concept for a new social media application inspired by snapchat were people could share special moments with their friends or fellow Copycats. It is based on pictures so when one Copycat sends a picture to another, as a challenge, the receiver need to copy that picture to answer the message and complete the task. It is up to the Copycat that sends the challenge if the task is completed sufficient. The more task that is completed between two Copycats the stronger their relationship gets.

The Approach

Copycat was created with the intend of making a platform that easily can connect people through challenges of copying what each other are doing. The idea was also that people could inspire each other in things to do with the challenges that is sent between them. This could be the last motivation to go for a concert or a trip to the beach.

Build For Mobile

Copycat is made as an mobil application so the users at any time can take pictures and share the moments they are experiencing by sending it as a challenge to their fellow Copycats.