The Concept

We designed a webshop and identity for the company Eikons. We wanted the webshop to reflect the great furniture designs that was going to be sold through it. Therefore we tried to make it very light and simplistic so the furniture could stand in the center. We also wanted to give the customer the feeling of walking into a showroom when entering the webshop, which made us choose to make it a fullscreen experience. The webshop was also made responsive, so it could be enjoyed to its fullest on every device.

The Approach

Eikons webshop was build to be dynamic and had to facilitate user login and adding products to basket among other things. Therefore we build it in the code language JSP mixing HTML5, CSS, Java, JDBC and Mysql. That means we build it from scratch building a database in Mysql that could connect to our website and feed it with information. The interface was designed in Photoshop and Illustrator but coded in Html5, CSS and Java. We had it all to run on Apache Tomcat Server.