New Website and Identity

Makelife owned by Life coach Birthe Frøstrup needed a website and a new identity to strengthen her business. Makelife was going to be a platform were users could read Birthe´s blog and get help and insights on different topics, signup for newsletters and buy her video courses. The system had to be made in such a fashion that she could manage it herself in a CMS solution. I made the complete solution drawing graphics, making logo design and taking pictures that was implemented into the final system. The most important part has been how these elements has been mixed together to make a great user experience and a identity that Birthe loves and relates to.

The Approach

Birthe wanted a new fresh and light look that would relate a happy and friendly environment for her users. The most important thing was to make an identity that would lighten the very harsh and sometimes sad topics that would be discussed on the website. Therefore I made the website very simpel and used light colors to give it some lightness.