A Jobportal For Seniors

Seniorjob is a project that I started as a possible solution to the elderly dependency ratio that is becoming an increasingly larger economic problem for society. We want to give the seniors a chance to get back to the job market. Seniorjob is a jobportal that is made in collaboration with seniors to make the best user experience as possible.

The Approach

Senior Job will be a job board that is exclusively made for seniors. Everything on the website such as job advertisements, information, functionality, aesthetics and functionality is tailor made for the needs of seniors. We want to make a platform where everything is in one place so the seniors have an easier time finding new work. What makes this service valuable and innovative is that it is developed in collaboration with seniors, so all the touchpoint they meet in the Customer Journey are taken into account in the development of a fluid service experience that is meaningful for them. This should result in a calming and easily accessible experience for the seniors when looking for a new job.

Build For Any Device

I made the website responsive so the site would work optimal on every device. This is needed in a world where you expect to get easy and manageable access to information where ever you are.


Still under construction