Travel Atlas

The Concept

Travel Atlas was a concept to brand Århus Charter for senior travelers. The concept was a interactive installation that was located in senior centers. The Travel Atlas is placed on a table facing a blank wall. The atlas has three pages with three different destinations. In the prototype it was Spain, Greece and Italy. When the book is opened on one of these destinations a video of the specific destination is projected onto the blank wall. In the corner of the picture there is a travel guide from Århus Charter welcoming the user with information. When the user moves in front of the wall there will happen different things in the video depending on what the user is facing in the video. The user can get information about the sights, food, hotels and so on by simply moving from side to side of the video projected. The user then has the option to go back and change the page of the atlas again to view another destination. This can give a more involving experience of the destination in a safe environment at the senior center. Maybe it will show that traveling is not dangerous and can be enjoyable by everyone.

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