The Concept

Triangle was a contribution to the initiative Smart Aarhus who works towards making Aarhus city a better place to live in at a time where everything changes fast with the technology and traditional systems fails to accommodate this changes. There is a lot of different products that helps people with their economy. These are typical build as long list of expenditures that can be confusing to look at and make the user feel bad because of red numbers on broken budgets. Triangle is a different approach where expenditures is visualized in triangles on a timeline. The user can then experience what they use their money on without all the red numbers and through awareness about their purchases change how they use their money

Build For Any Device

We build Triangle as a responsive design so everybody could use it whether they had a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The web application is meant to be used on mobil devices, so you can get a quick overview of your expenditures on the go or sitting in the sofa at home.

Winner of the award “Best Design” by Østjysk Innovation


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