Water Lilies

The Concept

This project was made for the 24 hours student design competition at Media Architecture Biennale 2012. Our concept, Water Lilies, is based on the notion of water lilies floating peacefully downstream on Aarhus River. These lilies will cluster up in various places, in the same way that they would in a lake. Using a projector we can project images of these moving lilies onto the water at night, and thereby use the water surface itself as our canvas. The water lilies are created by people using stands on the bridge. Here they can send small messages, regarding specific subjects, which are written on the water lilies. The messages are predefined sentences which the user will be able to finish with a few words. An example could be: ”I wish i had….” completed by: ”Drawing skills” The lilies along with the text are then sent downstream where people can watch their water lilies float by, cluster up and entwine with one another. After a predetermined number of lilies are projected onto the river, any subsequent lilies will remove the oldest existing lilly. The sentences people can complete, will change depending on weekday and time of day. On days where no one use the installation, water lilies without text, but with flowers on them, will be projected and float down the river.

Concept video

Our Approach

The task was to design a concept for a dynamic media façade that can be used to build up a sustained relation to a civic theme or challenge through everyday participation – with a focus on creating an immediately engaging interaction that activates people sensuously and emotionally and affectively to contribute to this theme through user-generated content. Using nature as the source of our inspiration, we aimed to provide an aesthetic experience that would enable people to experience other peoples thoughts and feelings. This will give people the opportunity to reflect on how people live and think in Aarhus. This will function both as a catalyst and a platform for people to express their thoughts and feelings, with the possibility of being a conversation starter for people sitting at the cafes along the river or just simply walking by. The illuminated river will thereby also contribute to the scenery along the river at night. We chose to use the river at night because it is very neutral and dark. At daytime, however, the river functions as a water mirror reflecting light, greatly contributing to the surrounding architecture and life.

Winner of the “We want to see this happen” honorary mention


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